Friday, October 10, 2014

I've found that the "What, When, Where, How, and Way" that the Lord speaks doesn't often meet our expectations.  This is why 6 months ago and then last month I heard the Lord say, "PAY CLOSER ATTENTION" and again "PAY ATTENTION" (Hebrews 2:1; Proverbs 4:20). Sometimes He is answering the cry of your heart in the most unlikely places, times, and circumstances.  So we are paying attention to hear the Lord everywhere and at all times and in a variety of ways.  Of course it is important to "verify" that it is the Lord's voice.  I recently posted that we received a prophetic word by a credible prophetic voice about NEW BEGINNINGS.  The children of Israel experienced a NEW BEGINNING when they crossed the Red sea.  But then there was this "in-between" place (liminal space) where they experienced something called Transition.  Interestingly, the most difficult phase of giving birth is called the Transition phase, where contractions start "piggybacking". It is the shortest phase but the most intense, and followed by the last phase, PUSHING.  The children of Israel had a 10-12 day journey from Egypt to Canaan that "got stretched out" to 40 years.  Navigating our transition is critical then, so we don't get stuck.  There are many important lessons to be learned in the transition (even on this side of the cross), namely a "deepened trust" and dependency on Triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  And of course the vision of our Promise keeps us propelling forward (Proverbs 29:18)